Concept Art Orchestra

Concept Art Orchestra is a professional non-commercial Czech jazz orchestra differing

from other Czech big bands in its specialization. It performs compositions written by

contemporary Czech composers at a high quality level. The Orchestra regularly

collaborates with the Czech Radio recording and documenting the Czech contemporary

big band music.

In 2016 it won the 'Andel' Czech Music Award for the best jazz album of 2015.

Gustav Brom -

Czech Radio Big Band

Gustav Brom Big Band with Vladimír Valovic as the leader, the famous Czech orchestra, has

been a resident of the Czech Radio since the year 2013.

Gustav Brom BB has become the most important promoter of Czech jazz, which has been

acknowledged by the professional American magazine “Down Beat“. It ranked the band

among the best big bands in the world. The tradition continues not only at home but also


Therefore, the band welcomed the decision of the Czech radio to offer its name to be joined

to the name of the famous and respected band as was said by the art director of the Gustav

Brom Czech Radio Big Band, Vladimír Valovic.

Many talented musicians have been part of the band in its long and rich history and even

today new players keep coming. They gain valuable experience and keep the youthful spirit

of the orchestra. As such, new and modern arrangements appear and the repertoire keeps

evolving. And that is the future of Gustav Brom Big Band.

Jazz Dock Orchestra

A 16-member big band, created as a domestic big band of the Jazz Dock. Jazz Dock is one of the best jazz clubs in the Europe. Playing modern jazz, contemporary and tradicional arrangements.Playing every third monday in the month! Be sure to come!


Treetop was created two years ago, while the musicians lived, played and studied together in Brno. The trio setting – accordion, trombone and double bass is the result of a unique synergy and musical and personal understanding between three musicians from Czech Republic and Slovakia, rather than the need to forcefully bring something new and original to the scene. They are inspired by each other and the cooperation between the three "leaders" is very natural and fluid. The repertoire of Treetop is diverse, reflecting many aspects of their musical journey, spanning from jazz influences or folklore inspiration to contemporary music concepts, which enables them to explore unknown potential of this unusual instrumentation.

Vojtech Drnek - Accordion

Michal Šelep - Double Bass

Richard Šanda - Trombone 


Mezcla Orquesta

Mezcla Orquesta is a Latin-Cuban band playing a mixture of rhythm mambo bachata,

merengue, cumbia, cha-cha but also modern dancing and jazz influence. The leader of

the band is the Cuban singer Tanda with an unclassifiable velvet voice. At the concerts

there is lots of energy, passion and love which are characteristic for the Cuban salsa


KYX Orchestra

KYX Orchestra is a funky, electro, DnB, jazz orchestra from Chrudim led by Roman

Fišer. They have transformed from an amateur big band to a casual-professional

big band. It is currently playing with Blue Effect (the Czech famous big beat

legend). Last year it released a new vinyl with a London Elektricity song produced

by Hospitality Records London. I started to play at 13 and therefore I have an

emotional connection with this band!

Empyrean Sextet

Empyrean Sextet is a 6-member jazz band with the average age of 23 playing their own

compositions. The players belong to the upcoming generation of the Prague jazz

scene. They took part in the final of the 'Krokus Jazz Festiwal' competition in Poland as

well as the 'Jazz Goes to Town' jazz festival in Hradec Králové in CR.

Genre: modern jazz, hardbop jazz, contemporary music.

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