T R E E T O P - Urbex Session

Dear fans! The "Urbex Sessions" were ment to come out just as videos, but we decided to publish our "urbex session" also as CD on We, the musicians, are going through hard times due the corona virus, but at bandcamp you have the option of supporting our music and our livelihood! All three of us are living from the music we make and that perished almost overnight, so this is one way you could support us if you have the need - sky is the limit =))).

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These tracks were recorded at on old wood cutting mill in a small town in Krkonoše mountains. It is a selection of our original compositions and one derived from classical music. It was raining on the day of the recording session, we kept it there to amplify the atmosphere. 

You can also enjoy them on our YouTube channel: 


Interview for Czech Radio

I have got an opportunity to speak about my musical backgrounds. My favourite jazz albums and trombone players. Thanks for having me. The interview is in Czech language - but if you want to listen to it there is a link.  

                                 ! LINK ! 



Czech Radio Big Band Gustav Brom - Correspondance
Duke Ellington - Such Sweet Thunder 
Gil Evans - Where Flamingos Fly (Jimmy Knepper)
Joe Henderson - Inner Urge (Slide Hampton)
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra - St. Louis Blues (Luis Diego Bonilla )
Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra - Summer of My Discontent 

Jazz Orchestra of The Concertgebouw - English Heart (Ilja Reijngoud )

Czech Radio Big Band - Gustav Brom

I am blessed that i have got an opportunity to write arrangement for Czech Radio Big Band. It was my first "serious" big band arrangments and I am very excited to hear it. Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson in my arrangement.

T R E E T O P - video release

First of all, we re-named our trio. Instead of

DRNEK/ŠANDA/ŠELEP  we call it now:                              


We have been shooting the videos in beautiful old fabric in Temný Dul, Krkonoše, Czech Republic. So far we published the first video, but other videous are coming. Stay tuned!!!







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JM JAZZ WORLD ORCHESTRA 2019 - throwback

Was unforgettable couple of weeks for me for many reasons!

Almost 3 weeks of sharing experience, playing and traveling with musicians from all over the world. Playing under incredible and “berry guss” Luis Bonilla!! And also a recording session in Croatian Radio & TV studio in Zagreb with grammy awarded producer and sound engineer Ed Reed!! 

It is a big honor to be part of the such a project like that one! 

It didnt feel like a band but like family! 
Thank you cats! ♥️


I so honored, that i can be part of this wonderful orchestra for the 2019 tour. The tour will take place in the Croatia, Serbia and Monte Negro. The orchestra will be led by the incredible trombone player - Luis Bonilla!

The JM Jazz World Orchestra is the world’s premier international youth jazz orchestra, comprised of 21 talented jazz musicians, selected through global open audition by an international jury. 


The band works with some of the planet’s finest conductors, players and composers and tours annually, appearing at prestigious European venues and jazz festivals.

THE BAND - click! 

New EP released:

In the March/April we were on the tour with 

Drnek/Šanda/Šelep Trio

We were recording every concert. We choose the best takes and this is the result, we made a little EP. Enjoy the music. 

The goal of this trio is to discover unexplored potential of this unusual combination of double bass, trombone and accordion - through our original compositions. We started to create music together while studying jazz at JAMU, Brno. Our inspirational sources vary from modern jazz to avant garde contemporary music, from ambient to folklore..

V.Drnek - accordion

M.Šelep - doublebass

R.Šanda - trombone

Drnek Šanda Šelep Trio Trombone

Click on the cover :)

New CD released:
Andy Schofield - 
Suite for JT
Brünnwerk - 
Every day poetry by Petr R. Toman accompanied by free improvisation jazz group of Pavel Zlámal. Inspired by Brno.

Petr "Rybíz" Toman - Vocal, Lyrics
Pavel Zlámal - Saxes, Clarinets
Kristian Kuruc - Drums
Juraj Válencik - Double Bass
Martin Konvicka - Piano, Fender
Jaroslav Štastný - Hammond
Richard Šanda - Trombone 
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Premiere broadcast of winning compsitions in Karel Kraugarner's composers competition announced by Concept Art Orchestra
International Jazz Day 30th of April. Czech Radio Big Band Gustav Brom feat. MIROSLAV VITOUŠ and Karel Ruzicka JR. 

Live Record from Concert with famous bass player Miroslav Vitouš and saxophonist Karel Ruzicka JR.

Concert was held by Czech Radio and Mladí Ladí Jazz group.

Czech Radio Invterview about my time in Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra
in Scotland

In November i took a part in Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra. I was nominated by Czech Radio as a leader of trombone section. This year was the band let by Tommy Smith. Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra was hosted by BBC Radio Scotland for this year. Concerts were in Glasgow and in Aberdeen.


For me it was really great experiance and big oportunity to meet amazing musicians from all Europe. There were musicians from Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Austria, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland,Estonia and Italy. We played a Sweet Sister Suite written by Kenny Wheeler. It was amazing time with awasome people and i hope i will see them soon. Maybe there will be a new cooperation with some guys. 


Below there is a link where you can listen live record from concert in Glasgow. And aswell read the interview with myself.

Live Record + Interview

Concept Art Orchestra just released new videoclip -
Nuevas Tradiciones

I am really glad to be part of this unique big band!
comp/arr - Jan Mazura
conductor - Štěpánka Balcarová
tenor sax - Luboš Soukup
New Project is born!
Trio with an unusual sound which arises from combination of trombone, accordion (Vojtech Drnek) and double-bass (Michal Šelep). 
Moving to Amsterdam!
I got the opportunity to study on the one of the biggest school of the music in Europe on the 
Conservatorium van Amsterdam till the end of year.
Will be back in Prague for few important concerts...
Check the CONCERTS folder!
Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra
in Scotland

Next week (from 13th to 19th of November) I'm going to be part of Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra. I was nominated by Czech Radio.

Every year, the Euroradio Jazz Group puts together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra. Big band brings together young musicians under 30 through Europe. This year it is going to be in Scotland held by BBC Scotland. We are going to performe in Glasgow and Aberdeen. We will also make a live recorde of the concert in Glasgow. The recorde will release on CD. 

This year is the big band led by saxophonist Tommy Smith.

We are going to play Sweet Sister Suite written by Kenny Wheeler!!!

Link on bios of each member and

information of big band - LINK

Unique Big Band concert in Chrudim

I'm happy this is happening. I invited a good friends of mine and other playmates from Czech Radio Big Band Gustav Brom and Concept Art Orchestr, to play a gig in Chrudim. We are going to play tunes written by players from band and it is going to be in Chrudim in my childhood. 

Trumpets: Ondrej Juraši, Jaroslav Kohoutek, Lukáš Oravec, Štepánka Balcarová

Trombones: Jan Jirucha, Štepán Janoušek, myself, František Jelínek

Saxophones: Andy Schofield, Petr Kalfus, Rostislav Fraš, Zdenek Tománek, Róbert Mitrenga

Rhytm: Martin Novák, Vít Kristan, Josef Feco

Vocal: Marta Kloucková

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